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Boys to Men…..

What do you design for a species who dislikes shopping, washing, ironing and choosing?
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In Frocks we Trust. In Rant Chic ? Not so much…

Oh Shut up Rant Chic, Go home, you’re drunk. Continue reading

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I’ve got a great scarf. Now what?

Do you see scarves that don’t even know what a fashion statement they are? Here are your simple, effective instructions… You’re welcome:)

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Indian Summer, on Indian School……

Perfect frock on a perfect day. Rocking Michael, by Michael Kors in the interesting part of Scottsdale, during an interesting time of year.

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Eureka! In Instincts we Trust!

Go ahead and overdo the chains and bling! But, layer UNDERNEATH your clothing and let it peek out….

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Flipped for Frocks

photographed by Jasmine Miller

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  Remember, It’s not a dress it’s a Frock. It’s never an outfit, it’s an option. You aren’t wearing it, you are Rocking it. Or in this case, FrockINC it. Lidsamy loves Macy’s. photography by Jasmine Miller

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