Indian Summer, on Indian School……

Perfect frock on a perfect day. Rocking Michael, by Michael Kors in the interesting part of Scottsdale, during an interesting time of year. Amy Babydollpinups_0166 Amy Babydollpinups_0171-2 Amy Babydollpinups_0171 Amy Babydollpinups_0163 Amy Babydollpinups_0155dl

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Frock on, Frock off. Frock…..?

Amy Babydollpinups_0004mid Amy Babydollpinups_0008 Amy Babydollpinups_0009 Amy Babydollpinups_0022 Amy Babydollpinups_0022bwcdl

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Eureka! In Instincts we Trust!

Go ahead and overdo the chains and bling! But, layer UNDERNEATH your clothing and let it peek out….

Photo on 2013-06-30 at 10.04Photo on 2013-06-30 at 10.04 #2Photo on 2013-06-30 at 10.13Photo on 2013-06-30 at 10.14

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Flipped for Frocks


Dress by Michael Kors. Shoes by Marc Fisher. Book by Ann Coulter
Attitude by Amy

photographed by Jasmine Miller


I flipped over this frock


Problem?? Didn’t think so.


bye-bye pantsuit.


Hmmmmm.what shall I buy next?

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Set in Stone x

Maison Bentley Style

Mason_Bentley_white_shadow_rope_greyWe have set – gulp – a date for out first-ever showing of our first-ever MasonBentley Collection which feels hugely daunting and very exciting at the same time..

It’s been eighteen months since Anna and I first came up with our Grand was a dark, cold December night and knocking back the wine on the steps of my utility room we were both bemoaning the creative frustration we were feeling.  Mix into that a computer, a shared love of vintage and a bit more Chablis..and MasonBentley was born. Right from the start we knew that a business just based on vintage would limit us – we wanted to create – truly create.  But we had to start somewhere..and we had to find out if our idea for selling the clothes via Direct Selling would work.

Roll on eighteen months..and here we are with our own embryonic range..still learning, still…

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The Art of a fine print..

Maison Bentley Style

I don’t know about everybody else but it has been a steep learning curve for me getting to grips with all things IT..setting up websites, tarting up pictures – many has been the time when I have had the computer open in front of me with my Ipad balanced precariously on a knee trying to copy the instructions from one to the other…and then there’s all the different bits of social media that are meant to be linked in..and I’ve some how done all that…but it doesn’t mean I’m an expert in any of them, in fact it has taken me a while to work out exactly what each one represents.

The one I have got to grips with (slowly – it all takes such time!) is Pinterest.. but I love jumping in and flicking through the images..from crafts to interiors to shoes to clothes. It’s like having the best…

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  • Remember, It’s not a dress it’s a Frock. It’s never an outfit, it’s an option. You aren’t wearing it, you are Rocking it. Or in this case, FrockINC it. Lidsamy loves Macy’s.
  • photography by Jasmine Miller
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