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Maison Bentley Style

Mason_Bentley_white_shadow_rope_greyWe have set – gulp – a date for out first-ever showing of our first-ever MasonBentley Collection which feels hugely daunting and very exciting at the same time..

It’s been eighteen months since Anna and I first came up with our Grand was a dark, cold December night and knocking back the wine on the steps of my utility room we were both bemoaning the creative frustration we were feeling.  Mix into that a computer, a shared love of vintage and a bit more Chablis..and MasonBentley was born. Right from the start we knew that a business just based on vintage would limit us – we wanted to create – truly create.  But we had to start somewhere..and we had to find out if our idea for selling the clothes via Direct Selling would work.

Roll on eighteen months..and here we are with our own embryonic range..still learning, still…

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