The Art of a fine print..

Maison Bentley Style

I don’t know about everybody else but it has been a steep learning curve for me getting to grips with all things IT..setting up websites, tarting up pictures – many has been the time when I have had the computer open in front of me with my Ipad balanced precariously on a knee trying to copy the instructions from one to the other…and then there’s all the different bits of social media that are meant to be linked in..and I’ve some how done all that…but it doesn’t mean I’m an expert in any of them, in fact it has taken me a while to work out exactly what each one represents.

The one I have got to grips with (slowly – it all takes such time!) is Pinterest.. but I love jumping in and flicking through the images..from crafts to interiors to shoes to clothes. It’s like having the best…

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