Winging Eyeliner is a Bitch


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Get outta bed & 

BOOM Bitchezzz


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Boys to Men…..

What do you design for a species who dislikes shopping, washing, ironing and choosing?

Timeless, well constructed pieces that hold up to the test of time and aestestic standard. Sport jacket by Calvin Klein, shirt by Saks 5th Ave, and swagger by Jonathan…


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In Frocks we Trust. In Rant Chic ? Not so much…

The mean girls at Rant chic strike again with their deeply embedded website blog post “24 things women over 30 shouldn’t wear”, I will spare you the tsuris and computer and phone crashes and break them down for you.

  1. Graphic tees. No reason given. They don’t like them; so like Democrats they want them banned.
  1. Bedazzled anything. I got nothing, except see above and to each his own
  1. Blue eye shadow, concur, but this is true of any age.
  1. Victoria’s Secret Pink. ? Haters.
  1. Leopard Print – bullshit. In small pieces this is perfectly acceptable at any age.
  1. Sparkly Pants. Never heard of them. Where DO those girls shop??
  1. Oversized Sunglasses. Judging by their picture, no one whose name isn’t Elton John should be.
  1. Mismatching socks. Who even does that?
  1. Hoop Earrings. Oh Shut up Rant Chic. Go home, you’re drunk. Do you mean large hoops?
  1. Furry Boots. Unless you’re an Eskimo or Rant Chic blogger you’re not wearing them
  1. Furry anything, see above. Big pause for ubiquitous computer crash
  1. Tube tops. Duh.
  1. Short Dress. Bullshit. If you got it, lace that bitch up and flaunt it.
  1. Mini skirts, See Above, but add thigh highs.
  1. Overalls. Never.
  1. Crop tops. Tell that to Gwen Stefani, next.
  1. American Eagle. “Sure their jeans fit perfectly, but that doesn’t make it trendy for women over 30 to be wearing them” That is stupid even for Rant chic. If they fit perfectly, it makes it SMART to wear them regardless of age.
  1. Booty shorts. Ummmm, yeah, never a good idea.
  1. Old Sneakers. “Grown women should not be seen in rundown tennis shoes. If you can’t afford a new pair, then it’s time to reevaluate life as a 30-year-old. Shorter Rant Chic. Kill Yourself.
  1. Cheap Bras. “ Your Breasts deserve the proper support by this age” Shorter Rant Chic, “you have saggy boobs.
  2. Glitter eyeshadow. “Save the glitter for things that should actually sparkle’ Not Rant Chic’s personalities.
  1. Platform flip-flops. No one should wear theses, except the writers of Rant Chic.
  1. Abercrombie and Fitch – Rant Chic thinks 30 year olds are fat.
  1. Scrunchies.   Rant Chic thinks you are old and stupid, or something.

Thirty is new Twenty, Fifty is the new Forty, etc. And Rant Chic is the new mean girl. If you like it , if it fits well and makes you feel great it is appropriate at any age. Don’t let any nasty little hair twirler tell you otherwise.

To see the original post, knock yourself out:

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How much is that Frock in the Window?

Stunning window displays from White House Black Market at Chandler Fashion Center. Usually, I shoot the whole mall. Not this time, they just shut the whole thing down. Brava.

bhwm4 bhwm3 bhwm2 bhwm1

In Frocks we trust and magnificent window displays, oh so much.

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L’Wren Scott Inspired

A great light in Fashion and the World was snuffed out today. L’Wren, you left good ripples.

on the way to the Stones concert

photo (90)

photo (88)

photo (87)

photo (85)

Take a picture!

Take a picture!

#L'Wren Scott Moments

#L’Wren Scott Moments

L'Wren Scott Moments

L’Wren Scott Moments

tossed my stuff on the table, thought of L'wren

tossed my stuff on the table, thought of L’wren

Never too old to play dress up

Never too old to play dress up

Make your work space a #FashionMoment

Make your work space a #FashionMoment

says it all.

says it all.

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I’ve got a great scarf. Now what?

Do you see scarves that don’t even know what a fashion statement they are?
Here are your simple, effective instructions…
You’re welcome:)

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Indian Summer, on Indian School……

Perfect frock on a perfect day. Rocking Michael, by Michael Kors in the interesting part of Scottsdale, during an interesting time of year. Amy Babydollpinups_0166 Amy Babydollpinups_0171-2 Amy Babydollpinups_0171 Amy Babydollpinups_0163 Amy Babydollpinups_0155dl

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Frock on, Frock off. Frock…..?

Amy Babydollpinups_0004mid Amy Babydollpinups_0008 Amy Babydollpinups_0009 Amy Babydollpinups_0022 Amy Babydollpinups_0022bwcdl

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Eureka! In Instincts we Trust!

Go ahead and overdo the chains and bling! But, layer UNDERNEATH your clothing and let it peek out….

Photo on 2013-06-30 at 10.04Photo on 2013-06-30 at 10.04 #2Photo on 2013-06-30 at 10.13Photo on 2013-06-30 at 10.14

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